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Discussion | The Science of Sampling

Sampling is a musical art form. Irrespective of what some may have you believe, the act of sampling can be both as challenging and rewarding as producing original compositions and has had a significant effect on the sound of modern music. “It’s hard to sample and it’s hard to make music… They try to act like sampling’s not music but it’s hard to do correctly,” … Continue reading Discussion | The Science of Sampling

Music | Selvsse Ft. Emarr – Daydream

Enigmatic producer Selvsse comes out of nowhere to drop ‘Daydream’, which features an impressive contribution from Emarr. Delivered to us via The Pit LDN, the dynamic track is a timely reminder of why Selvsse has such a loyal following, creating an inviting platform for Emarr to demonstrate his skills throughout the song. After some time away, Selvsse is steadily getting back into his musical groove with … Continue reading Music | Selvsse Ft. Emarr – Daydream

Music | ItsNate Ft. Chennessy & IDEH – East London Playalistic

ItsNate has channeled his inner-playa via the release of the single, ‘East London Playalistic’. The track, which is produced by a combination of Chennessy, Selvsse & Tha FX, also has room for vocal assistance from Chennessy on the hook and IDEH throughout, as Nate explains how things go down on the East side of his home city. Nate has been busy at work, it seems, as … Continue reading Music | ItsNate Ft. Chennessy & IDEH – East London Playalistic

Interview | Selvsse [Jun 2016]

There is a certain air of ambiguity that surrounds Selvsse. Perhaps it’s the way he stylises his name (with a ‘v’ replacing the ‘a’), or the artwork (comprised of various silhouettes) for his most revered project to date, Rituals, which was released via SoulEtiquette last year. Whatever the case, the cure for the curiosity was taking an opportunity to find out more about the man … Continue reading Interview | Selvsse [Jun 2016]

Interview | Louis VI – Like Water [Jun 2016]

Not content with just being part of the Hip Hop group, OthaSoul, Louis VI has his sights set on providing a platform for young, like-minded, British creatives in the future, via his newly formed organisation, Like Water. Louis took the time to explain his motivations behind the initiative and how he aims to help others young people like him. For those who don’t know, please … Continue reading Interview | Louis VI – Like Water [Jun 2016]