Music | Oddboy Ten – Ulogy [EP]

The singer/songwriter and producer Oddboy Ten has unveiled his debut EP Ulogy – the immersive, 4-track effort that is a sparkling example of his blend of the electronic Jazz-Soul sound. Among the concise tracklist, Oddboy finds space to include contributions from other gifted artists Lex Amor and Sue Lily, who complement the vibe of Ulogy beautifully. The project makes quite a first impression, giving listeners an … Continue reading Music | Oddboy Ten – Ulogy [EP]

Interview | Scott Xylo: Analogue Eyes With Digital Minds

To mark the release of Analogue Eyes With Digital Minds, I spoke to Scott Xylo about what inspired the project and its development. Can you explain the overall concept behind Analogue Eyes With Digital Minds? “I really wanted to make a psychedelic album that would feel like it’s a weird lost demo from the 60s, because I like weird and cool gems in record stores, especially … Continue reading Interview | Scott Xylo: Analogue Eyes With Digital Minds